Traffic Impact Analysis

Lambeth Engineering conducts traffic impact analyses (often required by the City as part of the zoning or site plan approval process) to project anticipated traffic generated by a development. TIAs include:

  • Collect existing traffic volumes around a site.
  • Project traffic flow for a new development.
  • Analyze traffic conditions, comparing existing volumes to existing-plus-site volumes.
  • Determine impacts on surrounding roadway networks and propose mitigation measures to improve traffic flow (turn lanes, stop signs, signals, etc.).
  • Evaluate new development impact, making recommendations to improve traffic flow and traffic control (turn lanes, stop signs, signals, etc.).

Parking Analysis

Lambeth Engineering conducts parking analyses for developments and schools. Lambeth Engineering:

  • Determines City standard parking requirements for developments as well as the project’s parking need.
  • Determines proper methods for obtaining parking reductions from the City.
  • Collects current parking demand data or uses industry standard and estimates the projected parking demand for the project.
  • Performs parking analyses to obtain parking reductions from standard city parking requirements.

Transportation Management Plans

Lambeth Engineering works with school administrations, ISDs, communities, and City staff to:

  • Create traffic management plans (TMPs) for safe vehicular and pedestrian circulation around schools and other developments, showing how parents and buses will drop off/pick up, pedestrian routes, school staff assisting students, crossing guards, etc.
  • Consult with schools to improve traffic flow around campuses—when formal reports are not required.


Portfolio of Lambeth Engineering projects available upon request.

Traffic Signal Design

Lambeth Engineering works with developers, municipalities, and TxDOT to design traffic signals. In addition to working with Cities and TxDOT to ensure traffic signals meet required standards, Lambeth Engineering:

  • Conducts traffic signal warrant analysis.
  • Designs modifications to existing signal designs.
  • Creates signal design for new and existing intersections.