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Traffic Refined

Traffic Impact Analysis

After a thorough analysis of your project to determine what impact the new development will have upon existing traffic conditions, we recommend improvements for the site and surrounding roadways. We also conduct site assessments, driveway waivers, and can help determine if a TIA is needed for new projects.

Parking Analysis

We estimate the projected parking demand for your project, usually by collecting data as well as referring to historical parking data. We understand city requirements and application methods and will provide a professional parking analysis to submit to the necessary board(s) for review.

Signal Design

Working with developers, municipalities, and TxDOT, we design traffic signals for safe travel through intersections. In addition to working with municipalities to ensure traffic signals meet required standards, Lambeth Engineering conducts traffic signal warrant analysis, designs modifications to existing signal designs, and creates signal design for new and existing intersections.

Transportation Management Plans

We work with school staff, districts, and the community to develop transportation plans that provide safe vehicular and pedestrian routes around schools and businesses. We also consultation with schools to help improve traffic flow for specific concerns.

Who we are...

Founded by Christy Lambeth, Lambeth Engineering serves the entire Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, providing expertise in traffic engineering, transportation planning, and parking analysis.

Whether we are serving individuals, private corporations, or municipalities and public institutions, each and every project benefits from the ongoing, in-depth communication and the professional relationships we have with civil engineers, architects, developers, and land planners.

Our engineering services include traffic impact studies, signal warrant studies, parking demand studies, and intersection and roadway analyses. We create transportation management plans and traffic signal designs and do transportation planning. We also assist developers by performing site evaluations for traffic needs as well as providing traffic engineering services to municipalities.

DISD Madison Crosswalk
Image of school buses by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

Dependable, Quality Service

Engineering Expertise

We complete our projects with the utmost care and integrity. Our devotion to providing sincere, dependable support throughout a project’s development, management, and implementation has resulted in strong working relationships with numerous clients and city staff. The superior quality of our service is consistent as we continue working with and in local DFW communities.

Registered Professional Engineer in Texas (PE)
Professional Traffic Operation Engineers Certification (P.T.O.E.)
Women Business Enterprise Certification (WBE)

Smart engineering to help prevent traffic crashes and lower injury/fatality rates

Keeping our children safe

In Texas, 625 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2018 (according to TxDOT)

School zone speeds are set for the safest speeds for student crossing.
Note the percentage difference between 20 and 25mph


Chance of Fatality

at 40 mph


Chance of Fatality

at 30 mph


Chance of Fatality

at 25 mph


Chance of Fatality

at 20 mph

Traffic collisions resulting in injury or death, aren't  unavoidable "accidents," but tragedies that could be prevented through smarter engineering, education, and enforcement.

Kind words from our clients

Thank you Christy. It is always a pleasure working with you.

~ R.B.
Wow, most impressive work. Great job!!!!

~ S.W.
We enjoy working with Christy and always appreciate the timely responses and updates without us having to ask for them. We especially appreciate her ability to help expedite our plan review process through Traffic. I know the client does too, as getting the turnarounds with traffic that we have been getting with the school have been unusual. We look forward to continuing to meet/exceed clients’ needs with Christy on future projects.

~ A.E.
We appreciate your hard work and it’s a pleasure working with you!

~ S.S.
Christy put together the carpool/parking reports and will be a great resource during the year to assess how our construction carpool is running.

~ A.K.
Christy communicates very well. Thorough. Her presentation of plans are easy to understand and well received.

~ J.H.

Consider Lambeth Engineering for Traffic Analysis

We deliver professional research, reports, and results in a timely manner, make sure you understand the scope of the job, and adhere to your city's guidelines for reports and submissions.

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